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Material de Avaliação COPA Airlines

1 – Simulator Assessment

The simulators currently being used are B737, E190 and BE200 (King Air 200). The airports and approach charts are mostly from South American Airports.

Most of the time a line Captain from COPA briefs you on what you will be doing, what he is looking for and how he will be grading you. The line Captain might go over Jepp Approach charts over the specific airport and approach plates you will be executing.

If you are non rated the line Captain will go through all the systems, buttons, knobs, switches and tells you which ones you will be using and which ones you don’t need to worry about.

General Simulator Profile:

Starts with a normal Takeoff then basic flying skills such as turn, descent and climb. Then instructed to fly direct to a fix (usually a VOR). You will be given instructions to hold over the fix, the line Captain usually ask you what kind of entry you will be doing. Then after the hold you should expect an ILS Approach (vectors will be given) or VOR DME approach (No auto pilot used during the approach). You will execute this approach to the minimums then the line captain might stop the simulator and reposition your aircraft on the runway for a rejected takeoff or you have to do a published missed

Good Luck!

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